Friday, August 11, 2017

Fisher Price Friday - NEW Hallmark Ornaments for 2017!

It may still be summer but I'm already thinking about Christmas!  I'm in the mood after discovering these adorable little Vintage Fisher Price toy ornaments.

I was surprised to learn that Hallmark is once again making Fisher Price ornaments.  They previously made a total of 14 Fisher Price ornaments between 2007-2012 but then abruptly stopped.  So what a surprise to see them reappear again after 5 years.   

Other Fisher Price themed ornaments have been made by companies like Dept 56 and Basic Fun.  However these versions (especially Dept 56) pale in comparison.  The main difference being that Dept 56 ornaments are clunky, heavy and made of non-moving resin.  Hallmark on the other hand made intricate, delicate plastic ornaments often with moving or musical parts (many battery operated).

The Hallmark ornaments quickly became collectible, with some versions costing over $100 on reselling sites.

Now back to this year.  Hallmark introduced two FP toys, the Pull a Tune Xylophone and the Chatter Phone.  Interestingly Hallmark previously made a Chatter Telephone, and it is one of the more expensive ornaments on the resale market.

The new version is called the Tiny Chatter Telephone.  This is very accurate as this dear little ornament is TINY.  It is by far the smallest chatter telephone I've ever seen!  Much smaller than the World's Smallest Fisher Price version.  It is so small in fact that it is a perfect size for a Fisher Price Little People figure to play with.  

It may be tiny but it is intricate and a fantastic replica and retails for only $7.95.

Now lets compare it to the original 2009 version.  As you can see the original version (on the left) is MUCH bigger.  The 2009 chatter phone has movement features including a dial that turns and wheels that roll.  They both have cords and tiny replica lithographs.

And for fun, here all all of my Chatter Phone ornaments as well as the World's Smallest Fisher Price Chatter Phone.  Which is your favorite?

Next up is the 2017 Pull a Tune Xylophone which retails for $15.95.  Hallmark did not make an xylophone ornament before, so this is a first.  The only other company that also made an xylophone is Dept 56 so I'll compare it to those.

First the Hallmark version (top photo).  It is made of plastic and has a mallet attached to a golden string.  The mallet snaps into one end of the ornament.  The keys are made of metal and make the smallest of sounds when struck just so.  

The Dept 56 xylophones on the other had are made of resin and have no movement.  However, the latest version (from 2016) does have the cute addition of looking like a sled.  All three versions have mallets connected by string, ribbon or plastic cord.

Of the two released this year my favorite is the oh-so-tiny chatter telephone.  It is just too cute!  I look forward to seeing if more Fisher Price ornaments come out next summer.

To purchase your own ornaments:

For more information on past Hallmark Fisher Price Ornaments: 

2007 - See 'N Say 
2008 - Play Family Farm 
2008 - View-Master 
2009 - School Bus 
2009 - Chatter Telephone 
2010 - Play Family Fun Jet 
2010 - Zookeeper Says 
2010 - Play Family School 
2011 - Music Box Teaching Clock 
2011 - Play Family House 
2011 - Little People Lil' Movers Fire Truck (not a vintage toy) 
2011 - Snoop 'N Sniff - Limited quantity 
2012 - Corn Popper 
2012 - Two Tune TV

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