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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Solar Eclipse

We didn't catch the Eclipse excitement around here until a week before the event.  Mostly because in the Phoenix area we are far from totality, so it didn't become exciting until the kid's began learning about it at school.

Fortunately our girls attend a school that did not lock the kids in during the eclipse, but rather everyone got glasses thanks to a go-fund-me campaign.  The school made it a big event and all the kids participated.

I hadn't planned on attending but at the last minute was able to volunteer in my daughter's 1st grade class. I am so very glad that I did because it was pretty cool seeing the excitement in all the kids as the (partial) eclipse unfolded.

Our eclipse was even more partial due to a cloudy morning.  Go figure our desert that rarely shows any clouds had a cloudy morning on this day!  It worked out fine though because it help the kids from overheating (it was 98 degrees outside) and built up the excitement every time the sun peaked through the clouds.  

Hopefully it's a day both my girls remember for a long time, I know I will.

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