Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Program Shenanigans aka My Youngest Does Her Own Thing

Yesterday my church had our Christmas children's program for Sunday service.  The kids have been practicing a special song and verse/poem each Sunday for weeks.  My youngest (age 3) has been singing their version of Twinkle Twinkle around the house over and over.

She sings it in her bed at night, for strangers at Target, in the car and even for the talking Giraffe at Zoo Lights last week.

She sang it during rehearsal on Saturday up on stage with a smile.

Would she sing it at church for the service.

Ummmm. No.

First service she sashayed, smiled and waved during the whole song.  Not one word did she sing.

Second service she took one look at us in the audience and burst into tears.  I sat next to her on the stage but she still didn't sing.  

She slowly inched her way off the risers towards me....and started to lift her dress up.  Fortunately I was close enough to stop that from happening. ;)

But don't worry.  She was all smiles after church and has been singing the song around the house again. ;)

My big girl (age 7) was an angel and she sang and performed beautifully.  So proud of both of my girls and thankful to have such a wonderful church that nurtures and loves them well!

Just in case you want to see my youngest actually sing here she is at the rehearsal the day before (in pink on the far left).

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