Monday, December 22, 2014

Outdoor Christmas Decorations - Size doesn't matter

In my neighborhood we have quite a few very festive families.  They have Christmas trees in their windows and lighted displays in the front yard.  I'm talking lights, inflatable figures, nativities, moving deer statues, candy-cane trims, ornaments hanging from trees/bushes and cactus plants wearing Santa hats (this is the desert after all).

The inflatable figures are particularly popular on my street as there are many families with small children.  On my block alone there is a dinosaur (holding a present), snowman, Minnie mouse, marvel comics figures (superman, and a few others) and two spongebob squarepants displays.  Yes that's right, 2 (!!!) spongebob Christmas inflatables.  Most of these aren't super Christmas-y but hey, it's all good.

Then there is my house.  We don't have any lights (no outlets in the front of the house plus it's hard to get them up!), inflatables or even cactus wearing hats.  I'd like my cactus to be decked out in Santa or elf hats but I haven't found small enough ones just yet.

But we do have decorations!  Five to be exact.  Four lawn ornaments (no lawn so they're in the gravel) and one wreath.  They may be small but they were made with love.

My girls made them at the December Home Depot Kid's Workshop.  They each made a set of 3 (snowman, snowflake and a gingerbread person).  We passed 2 on as gifts and kept the other 4 for the yard.  

I made them weatherproof by spraying the finished product with a shellac.  

So there you go, I ask you, does size matter? :)

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