Monday, December 21, 2015

Pinecone Christmas Tree Craft - Nailed It ;)

I saw this cute pine cone Christmas craft on Pinterest and decided to try it at our home group Christmas party this year.  The kids range from toddler - school age and I figured it was a craft they could all do.

Nailed it ;)

I might have underestimated the potential to overuse glitter glue a tad bit, ha!  But seriously the kids had the best time.  I collected pinecones from a friend's yard and brought pompoms, glitter glue, silver paper (for stars) and pieces of ribbon.

Interestingly the youngest kid's pinecones looked the most like the inspiration photo since they didn't use the glitter glue.  Pushing in pom poms kept the little 2 year olds busy for quite a while.  This was a great toddler activity (just don't give them glue)!

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