Monday, January 25, 2016

Saying goodbye to our baby bed.

This (finally) happened today.  I've been planning on getting the girls "big-girl" bunk beds to share and I finally did it.  I ordered the bunk beds from Amazon after seeing them in person at a friend's home.  Then we picked out a new much larger dresser at IKEA (Hemnes) and a white framed mirror.  

Today I took apart the twin bed and toddler bed (crib) and prepared the room for putting in the new furniture this week.  Let's just say the vacuum was well used today after discovering almost 6 years of dust underneath!

The girl's bedroom set "Ocean" by Baby's Dream Furniture was special, the crib was designed to convert to a toddler bed and then a twin bed.  It also had a drop top rather than a drop side so it was easy and safe to get to our babies.  

We were able to successfully convert the first crib into both of those (toddler then twin) with the help of a twin kit.  For baby #2 we had another crib made by getting a few spare parts (since some had been used to make the twin bed) but were unable to make it into another twin as the conversion set was no longer available by Baby's Dream.  So my sweet 4.5 year old needs a big girl bed as she's outgrown the toddler size.

Which leads us to the need for bunk beds and all my work taking apart the toddler bed/twin bed today.  I must admit that taking them apart was MUCH easier than putting them together.  All that assembling (and disassembling) over the years was quite aggravating and a test in patience for my husband and me.  However, I found myself getting a bit emotional as I took apart the crib for the (final) time.  So many sweet memories in that crib/toddler bed of both of my babies.  

So this evening I took a look down memory lane at the photos of this set over the years.

First up the nursery decorated and ready for my first daughter's arrival.  I LOVED decorating this nursery for her. 

This sweet little face joined our family and started sleeping in her crib (at night) around 4 months of age.  She didn't sleep well next to me in the co-sleeper and did much better in her crib at night although I joined her many many times a night for feedings and to calm her. :)

When my big girl was 2 and a 1/2 we moved to a new house and had her crib turned into a toddler bed.  It was a little early but I didn't want to do the job myself (the movers did it) as dropping the mattress had been difficult enough!

Then about a year later we prepared to add a new baby girl to our family so we turned the toddler bed into a twin and made another crib after ordering a few additional parts/pieces.

Big sister loved it!

Little sister arrived but did not sleep in this bed at night until she was over one.  She slept in my closet instead. :)  She did visit from time to time though and looked terribly cute.

Big Sister

Little Sister

Eventually she did join her big sister in the room.  Sweet baby girl.

At almost 4 years old we removed the crib side for little sister and turned it into a toddler bed again.  She loved her big girl bed!

Which brings us to tonight.  The girls are sleeping on their mattresses on the floor and later this week new beds!

I'll update with the new room once it's finished. And if you know anyone who could use a well loved crib/twin bed and dresser set let me know.


  1. Awesome post! What a sweet little cardi! Did you like the yarn? I've only found their sock yarn in my LYS, and it felt a little weird. I'm hoping that the aran weight non-superwash has a nicer hand.

    1. Hello babyinform! So I'm not sure which cardi you mean as this entry didn't have one. But perhaps you read another entry about the handmade cardi my friend made? That one was super soft and lovely. I was sad when she outgrew it!