Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tazo Chai Tea House Party

In November I hosted another House Party with my mommy friends.  This time they sent me FREE samples of Tazo Chai Tea to share.  The day of the party we finally had a cooler day here in the otherwise hot desert so it was a perfect morning to wear a cozy sweater and drink some hot tea!

To make the party festive I included mason jars of cream, coconut milk and regular milk.  How cute were they?  Especially the tiny little sugar jar. :)

My party pack included a Chai tea concentrate and three varieties of hot tea (in bags).  Also lots of coupons!

While planning the party I realized that I could use a Carafe or three!  I think that perhaps I have arrived at the age (ah hem, late 30's) where a woman needs a carafe. ;)  Fortunately I was able to borrow 3 carafes from friends to make it work.

It was a lovely fun morning with my friends.  This photo is awesome because we are all holding babies but none of them are ours, ha!  It takes a village and all that. :)

It was a great turnout.  The tea was fabulous and easy (either tea bags or add equal parts hot milk to the concentrate).  House Party sends out the pack for free btw and I wasn't paid to hold the party or to write about it here in the blog.  I just do House Party for the fun and to share free things with my friends.  Thanks House Party!

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