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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kale Soda - Now I've seen Everything.

I was shopping a few weeks back and saw this display. I was so surprised that I pulled out my iPad to take a photo of it.  Kale soda?  What?

Then last week I was back at the store and decided on a whim to pick up a can to give it a try.  The craziness of a kale flavored soda called to me. ;)

It looks like a regular Hansen's soda (no dye) and had the same type of ingredients (carbonated water, sugar, citric acid and natural flavors).

So what did I think?

It was surprisingly good.  Very much like a sprite/ginger ale type of soda but with a distinctive green flavor.

My husband's reaction after taking a sip of my soda (not knowing it was kale).

"Sugary earth".

He also made a lovely grimicing face. :)

Will I buy it again?  Probably not.  It has absolutely none of the super health benefits of Kale, just a little flavor.  

However, if it was the only natural soda flavor available I'd chose it over say a Coke or Dr Pibb (that stuff will kill you).

For now I think I'll stick with my Kale smoothies.

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