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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rainbow Theme Birthday Party - Games

My youngest is turning 4 this month and she selected a Rainbow Theme for her party.  I did a bit of online research to find Rainbow themed games/activities for preschool aged kids and also used some creativity of my own.  Here's what we ended up doing. :)

1. Rainbow Necklaces: I started out the party with a necklace activity.  I spent WAY too much time sorting the beads by color but it made it easier for the kids to pick them out. ;)  I wore a sample necklace to show the kids but really we let them decorate any way they wanted.  

I found the mixed beads and the rainbow ribbon at Hobby Lobby.

2. Pin the Cloud on the Rainbow: No party that I throw would be complete without a Pin-the-something-on-something-game.  In this case we made pin-the-clouds on the rainbow.  I had the little kids aim for the lower part of the rainbow and the older kids aim for the top.  We used double-sided tape to stick them on and I wrote the kids names on the clouds ahead.

My oldest helped me prepare the rainbow.  Super simple and only $1 for the poster from Target (used copy paper for the clouds).

3. Musical Rainbow: Another party favorite is a musical game.  This variation included rainbow colored papers (one for each child). Two papers had clouds drawn on them and when the music stopped ("Somewhere Over the Rainbow" of course) whoever landed on the clouds got to pick a prize out of a bowl.  I had prizes like skittles packets, matchbox cars and other $ store goodies.

4. Guess the Rainbow Candies: This game was more for the adults than the kids, although everyone got to make a guess.  I painstakingly counted out skittles ahead (and sorted them my color) so that I'd know how many were inside.  Whoever guessed the closest was the winner and got to take the jar home.

Would you believe someone guessed the exact amount?  I wasn't too surprised since he's an actual rocket scientist, but still!  There were 430 inside by the way.

5. Obstacle Course: I added this game specifically for my little Birthday Girl since she adores setting up "obstacle courses" all over my house on a daily basis.  I pulled our our rainbow tunnel, put some papers on the floor (for them to walk over), had them jump onto a bean-bag chair, around two rattan side tables, over an ottoman and then ended sitting on the parachute.  Super simple but fun for all the kids (ages 3-7).

6. Parachute Games: Last but not least we played with our little rainbow parachute.  Each child held on to a ring and we sang The Wheels on The Bus (swish - move the parachute back and forth, up and down - up and down, etc).  

We put the birthday girl in the middle and walked around singing Happy Birthday to You.  She was in heaven!

It was a lovely activity to help transition the kids before cake and ice-cream.

Stay tuned for information on decorations, food and favors!

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