Friday, December 16, 2016

Fisher Price Friday - Christmas Presents Sneak Peek :)

We're just a few days away from opening Christmas presents since my family can never wait until the 25th.  It's usually between the 21st-23rd that we decide to "do Christmas".  As the kids get older it's getting worse since I'm the only one trying to hold them all off (my husband started this tradition even before we had the kids)!

Anyway, although the majority of the toys and gadgets we buy the kids are new, I have to slip a few vintage toys in there.  At least for one more year!  Here is a little sneak peek of what I've picked out for my youngest (5 year old).

She's going to flip over the My Friend Nicky doll.  She saw me looking at My Friend dolls on eBay a couple months back and when she saw Nicky she told me that's the one she wants for Christmas.  Of course my daughter has NO idea that these are 30 yr old dolls and not super easy to get in a new condition.  She thinks I can get it at Target. ;)  But I looked for awhile and finally found one NIB that is perfect.  She's going to be a great friend for her Special Birthday Mandy #4009 that she got for her birthday this summer.

I also found a brand new roller skating outfit made between 1981-1985 that is new in the package.  Amazing.

And last but not least the Lift & Load Railroad #943.  That present just arrived last night and although I'm very excited that it has a box and almost all of the pieces I was disappointed that the almost 40 year old wind-up train engine no longer winds. :(  Aging is tough on all of us, even toys.  Ha!  So I'm on a last minute hunt to find a (working) replacement for the engine, here's hoping!

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