Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My pre-schooler is finally in a toddler bed!

We've (finally) reached a new stage in our house.  As of this weekend our youngest is no longer sleeping in a crib.  She is now officially in a toddler bed aka: bed that she can escape from.

It should come as no surprise to you that our child is almost 4 and just now transitioning into a toddler bed.  She did sleep in my closet until age 2 after-all. ;)

I would have kept her in the crib longer (until college!) but I had to recognize that this was the right time.  With summer vacation trips coming up she'd be in regular beds anyway, so it seemed like a good idea to practice at home first.

She is very proud and fortunately for us she is staying in her new bed (so far!!) without night wandering.

The downside to waiting this long until switching the crib to a toddler bed is that she's practically outgrown it!  We'll need to be looking for a twin size soon.  

Our wonderful Baby's Dream convertible crib was designed to go from a crib to a toddler bed to a twin bed.  We switched big sister's bed when little sister was born.  However, I waited too long to order the transition kit for this second crib and now they don't make it anymore!  So learn from me, order your transition kits at the time of our crib purchase.   

On the bright side I'm thinking that we may look for bunk beds for our girls to share.

But before I start online shopping can we just take a minute to see how cute my little girl was back when her bed was a crib (although she was just visiting, she didn't sleep in there, ha!).

I miss that little face!

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