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Saturday, April 23, 2016

My take on Target

I love Target and am a frequent and loyal shopper.  Reading about Target's statement of inclusivity in regards to their restrooms and the #BoycottTarget response yesterday was upsetting.  Reading over and over people calling for violence, anger, threats and boycotts was upsetting. I'm talking can't sleep, reported posts to FB for hate and texted my BFF to vent late-at-night upsetting.

A person being different than you does not excuse hate, discrimination and ridicule.  It is not okay to marginalize entire populations because of misinformation and fear.

I'm not afraid of my child using the restroom at Target, I'm much more afraid/concerned that my child will been exposed to the fear,  anger, hatred, ignorance and bias shown especially when expressed under the guise of religion.

I want my child to learn and show tolerance, love, friendship and peacemaking. To know  practical personal safety for actual threats and valid concerns.  Not fear based on inaccurate perceptions and judgements.

I will continue to shop and spend (way too much) money at Target. Perhaps it is for the best that the people with ugly and hateful views are boycotting so they'll be far away from my children while we shop. 


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