Friday, April 1, 2016

Fisher Price Friday - Little People Playing Cards

How cute are these playing cards with vintage Fisher Price toys on them?  They just arrived last week and I am thrilled with them.

I made these little cards with photos I've taken of our toy collection over the years.  A few favorites including the Merry Go Round #111, Play Family School #923 (alphabet set), Mini Bus #141, Chatter Telephone #747,  Circus Train #991 and a couple other goodies.

The playing cards are from Shutterfly and normally they cost $19.99 plus shipping but I was able to get them for "free" recently and only had to pay $8.25 (for shipping and tax).  Still a little steep but worth it I think. :)

They're a nice high quality card and they come in a plastic case.  And honestly I think they make playing cards much more fun!

My oldest thought so too!  Now I need to teach her some more card games.

Other goodies I've made myself:

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