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Friday, April 29, 2016

Fisher Price Friday - Lift and Load Lumber Yard

Just when I think we've obtained all the vintage Fisher Price Little People sets that we'd ever want I find another one. :)  Our newest addition is the Lift & Load Lumber Yard #944.  Made between 1979-1981 this is set that I could have played with as a child but we didn't own.  I'm all about gender neutral toys and my girls are big on building so I thought this would be a nice addition to the FPLP towns that they set up.  Now if only they'd made a construction worker woman!

The Lift & Load Lumber Yard was the third in a series of Lift & Load sets.  Before the Lumber Yard came the Lift & Load Depot #942 (1977-1979) and the Lift & Load Railroad (1978-1979).  Although there is some overlap between the sets this one has unique features and exclusive pieces.

The set came with 17 pieces, quite a few for a smaller set.  It includes the base, yellow ramp, two workers, a forklift, flatbed trailer/truck, pallets and blocks.

The base of the Lumber Yard was grey although there is also a rare white variation.  The base included a gas pump and a red plastic yard building.

The top of the yard house had the only lithograph, a yellow sign saying the toy name and number.  The base has groves in the back to keep the truck tires in place.  There are also marks in the plastic to look like wood grains on the loading floor, and lines to resemble tiles in front of the yard house.  Ah the little details!  From this view you can also see where the yellow ramp snaps on.

The block accessories are exclusives and are very unique/special for a Lift & Load set as they are made out of actual wood!  The first time I saw a block I didn't even realize that it was FP (it had come with a bunch of other loose pieces).  The wood blocks are the hardest pieces to find for this set.  

The blocks came in three sizes (square, long rectangle and short rectangle) and included two of each.  Along with the blocks were four brown plastic pallets.  The pallets were not exclusives, they were also found in #343 Little Truck Rigs Fork Lift and #942 Lift & Load Depot.

Finally the yellow ramp which is detachable (as shown) and fits onto the base as well as the back of the flatbed trailer.  The yellow ramp was an exclusive to this set as the Lift & Load Railroad had a red ramp. 

There were two vehicles and a detachable flatbed trailer.  The truck with trailer is a lime green/yellow combo that was exclusive to this set.  Similar truck/trailers were found in other sets but with different colors or flatbed details.  For example the medium green truck/trailer combo from the #344 Copter Rig.  

The forklift is a familiar Lift & Load vehicle also found in the #944 Lift & Load Railroad and the #942 Lift & Load Depot.  It holds one worker and has a cool spring action lift as shown.

Last but not least the set came with two workers.  Both had the same blue bodies, dark orange scarves and orange construction hats.  One had a black face and the other a white face.  Neither were exclusives, they came with many other Fisher Price sets and are arguably the most common construction worker pieces.

So many fun ways to play, I can't wait to see what my girls think!  I'm giving it to them as a surprise gift to keep them busy while I'm recovering from a procedure pretty soon.  

I have a few extra Lift & Load vehicles (forklift, dump truck) that I'll have in my Etsy shop one of these days. :)

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  1. vandaag superblij, de vorkheftruck, de auto met aanhangwagen 4 blokken hout en 4 bruine bakjes op rommelmarkt gevonden :)