Monday, May 2, 2016

Girl's Room Makeover!

Back in January we finally disassembled my youngest (ah-hem 4 year old's) toddler bed/crib to make way for a bedroom makeover.  We got rid of all of the furniture in their bedroom since they were all part of a nursery set.  My oldest had been sleeping in a twin bed that was converted from a crib, and the dresser was a changing table/dresser combo.

After a couple weeks sleeping on the floor we had everything assembled and ready to use!  Here's the rundown on what we purchased.

I ordered their beautiful Bedz King white wood twin bunk beds off of Amazon after first seeing them in person at a friend's home.  They are solid wood and so far they seem very sturdy as well as beautiful.  We ordered sliding drawers to put underneath which hid away their dolls and stuffed animals.  That alone is SO so amazing to me!

The girls love the (removable) ladder although they also enjoy climbing up the sides like monkeys. 

We bought comforters at IKEA for only $19 each.  They're the Grusbald, ("cooler" of course since this is Arizona!).

Now before it looked so put together we were missing one mattress since we only had one to start.  I'd read that the bunk bed had low clearance between the top and bottom bunks, so I needed a 6 inch or less mattress.

We considered purchasing one through Amazon, but I decided to order a Natural Latex twin mattress instead.  We settled on Natural Latex becasue it is a safer, long lasting, natural alternative.  It is also made locally so I could pick up the mattress myself!  We know all about Natural Latex since my husband and I have been sleeping oh-so-happily on our King size mattress (from the same company, AZ Premium Mattress Company) for 6 years and counting!  It is heavenly, I hate traveling because I miss it so.

My youngest was so proud the first day we put her mattress on, she made the bed herself (before we got the comforter on).  Look at her happy face!

Last but not least we replaced the dresser (and mirror) with new furniture from IKEA.  I purchased a white Hemnes dresser and coordinating mirror.  Note that I got the regular white (lacquered pressboard/wood), not the white stain (painted pine) as I wanted it to match the bunkbed.

I have reached the magical age where it just isn't worth it to put together furniture anymore.  I may still like "some assembly required" pieces (and their lower prices) but that doesn't mean that I want to spend multiple hours sweating and swearing while trying to make it look right.  Fortunately my husband is on the same page with me on this one!

So instead I looked around on Craigslist and found a local company that quoted me a fair price to come and put the furniture together for us.

We decided that we'd made the right decision after it took two "furniture assembly professionals" a total of 5 hrs to put the dresser and bunk bed/drawer pieces together.  If it had been us it would probably have taken 10!  So for the sake of our marriage and sanity I know we made the right decision to pay someone else. :)

Worth every penny.

To see the bedroom before go here.
To see where my baby slept (in a closet) before the bedroom go here.

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