Saturday, April 9, 2016

Target Dollar Spot Sunshine Goodies!

Like many moms out there I regularly spend time at Target.  Between the vast assortment of things I didn't even know I needed, a in-store Starbucks with free refills and the cutest little girls clothes I basically think it's my happy place.

Yesterday my BFF and I stopped by and I had to get these super cute and oh-so-cheep (hello $1 each!!) kid's sunnies.  My youngest grabbed them first but they fit both of my kids (4 year old and 8 yr old) just fine.  A little big on the little one and just right on the bigger one.

Around here you can never have enough sunnies since you know, it is basically sunny 365 days a year. :)

If you look close you might notice the reflection of my super cute new hat!

Yes, yes, I found this hat in the Dollar Spot too for only $5!

Go snatch them up before they're sold out.

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