Friday, November 11, 2016

Fisher Price Friday - World's Smallest Fisher Price

The last couple of post-election days have been rough.  I'm talking wearing black, moping around, drinking extra coffee and eating my feelings rough.

To brighten my day-after-the-election I stopped by a Cracker Barrel to pick up the "World's Smallest Fisher Price".  How could I resist?

Caution: Objects are smaller than they appear :)

I'd heard about these cuties and had to check them out.  At only $5.99 each they're a tiny little steal.  They include the School Bus, Chatter Phone and Rock-a-Stack.  They also had other tiny vintage toys/objects including a Polaroid Camera and Sock Monkey, but I was only interested in the Fisher Price.

Now, first I must admit that I have never been to a Cracker Barrel before.  Does this shock you? I was surprised to see that my closest restaurant (only a few miles from my house) had an entire store of goodies. My children would love this place!

But back to the world's smallest fisher price toys.  They are truly tiny, similar to ornament size as I'll show below.  However they also have features that move and make sounds!  So. amazing.

First up the Little People School Bus.  I placed it in front of the full sized toy so you can see what a remarkable (yet tiny) remake it is.  It has the same lithographs, people figures (one person short) and even a door that opens and shuts!  

The people were replicas of the 1975-1982 version of the School bus #192, earlier and later versions had different people.  However, it is missing one little girl as the full size toy had 7 passengers. 

Also the stop sign moves out and the bus makes a clacking noise when the tires move. And the cherry on top is that the eyes move up/down and the driver back/forth when the wheels move.  Impressive.

Here is the World's Smallest school bus in comparison to similar Fisher Price school bus ornaments.  Hallmark is the closest (back left) and the only smaller one is the Basic Fun xmas decorated (also plastic) ornament in the front.

Note that the lithographs inside (bottom left side) are the same as the full size toy.  They even include tiny details like the drawn mittens, books, etc.  Such tiny detail! 

Next up is the Rock-a-Stack.  I don't have this classic toy around anymore (boo hoo my girls are too big) but this little one is a great copy.  The rings move up and down when the middle stem is raised (as shown).  But, they don't come off. Which is good because those pieces are t-i-n-y.

Now to compare to my other little rock-a-stacks.  This includes a Basic Fun ornament (far left), keychain (back) and Dept 56 (right).  As you can see it's the smallest of them all!

Last but not least is the super small Chatter Telephone.  This itty-bitty chatter phone looks just like the original #747 Chatter Telephone.  Same lithographs and blue wheels.  The phone makes noise when the wheels move and the dial spins.  And if that wasn't enough the eyes move up and down with the wheels.  So sweet!

I have oh...just a few Chatter Phone ornaments. :)  But as you can see the World's Smallest Chatter Telephone is the smallest of them all!  Doesn't this photo look like a Chatter Phone family? ;)

If you have a Cracker Barrel near you go get these "World's Smallest Fisher Price" toys.  They're adorable and just what I needed to help brighten my post-election blues.  

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